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We help companies and individuals located in and outside the Dominican Republic to make the most of what they spend on travel.

For business travelers, this provide comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective travel solutions that keep them safe, productive, and well-equipped during their trip. We ensure each travel program we create supports company objectives and exceeds their expectations. We help our clients travel smart and achieve a higher return on their investment.

We offer world-class corporate travel management services that are built on a powerful platform of technology, genuine customer service and established relationships. Our team comprises of travel professionals who bring extensive knowledge of transport, hospitality, accommodation, and destinations to professional tackle the intricacies and economics of corporate travel management.

At CrowdMeeting, we treat your travel budget and your people like our own. We know your requirement and what’s important for you, where the savings are, and how we can provide you the best travel package that is within your budget. We are with you every step of the way.

We are here to make a world of difference. Fill out the form and get in touch with us to find out how we can help you soar to new heights.


We didn’t want to do a destination wedding because we seen it as an elopement. I have to say working with this team was the best thing we ever did. We got to have an exotic wedding and a traditional wedding at the same time. Wedding are never easy, but they make it better. 

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