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Looking For A Professional Travel Management Company or Destination Event Planner in Dominican Republic?

CrowdMeeting is a highly experienced and dynamic Corporate Travel Management company located in Dominican Republic. Our team has the required expertise to provide corporate sector with the highest caliber of service, travel management solutions and superior customer servicing.

At CrowdMeeting we specialize in corporate travel management offering businesses an easier, safer, reliable and cost effective method to book travel, conferences and events. We deliver bespoke travel programmes to business travelers who are planning a business trip in Dominican Republic and ensure we meet the needs of all our clients.

CrowdMeeting is unlike any other travel management company in the Dominican Republic. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond industry expectations for our clients and in setting consistently new standards in corporate travel management. Our team comprises of consultants and managers who have earned a highly regarded reputation in corporate travel services. They have provided strategic management of corporate travel to help business travelers reduce, control and manage your travel expenses.

We provide exceptional travel expertise, stability and consistency in servicing our clients from across the globe. We are a privately owned travel management company where the sole focus is on our client. We have built a travel management software where we easily customize your requirements, delivering systems and itineraries that add maximum value to your business trip.

Our travel management solutions are one of the most creative, affordable and technologically advanced in the Dominican Republic. If your company is looking for a business travel management solution that drives savings, efficiency and traveler safety, contact CrowdMeeting today.


Travel with Maximum Convenience


Effective Incentive Initiatives

Congress / Conference

All-Inclusive Corporate Capabilities


Memorable Events That Inspire


Destination & Event Weddings

The Freedom Bash

What Is This?

Golf & Tours

What Is This?


It’s no secret that all services offered are different, but what they have in common is what makes our company stand out. The most simplest way to explain it is all-inclusive. We don’t just go above and beyond, but even in-between to make sure your needs are covered. 

Technology & Innovation

The MICE tourism trend of new technologies and innovations is here, and most companies will fall behind by not embracing such technologies or changing their ways. Long gone are the days when an overhead projector was all even planners requested. Today, wireless connectivity is imperative. However, it is not only about state-of-the-art high-tech technology, but versatile technology and software that are easy to use.

CrowdMeeting is a believer in the modern era of travel and knows it is a growing requirement for customers. We make sure hotels and event spaces review their high-tech equipment and require them to make upgrades.Furthermore, our customer used technologies are designed specifically for us, and we customize those to our clients. We don’t let our secrets out but would be happy to go over them with you.


Location is everything

For any event, location is king. We find that the Dominican Republic is the perfect location for companies domestically and internationally, especially when it comes to maximizing event attendance.  Transportation is easily available to the location so that attendees can easily arrive by air. Known for its tourism, VIP accommodations and event spaces are in large supply, making for the best competitive market. The Dominican Republic is a haven for corporate travel, events, and even weddings.

By choosing CrowdMeeting in the Dominican Republic, you already have an advantage. With boots on the ground, our team has essential experience in knowing the area, vendors, and suppliers.

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